Priority Advance Loans

priority loans are still available from your favourite provide, Priority Advance!

Do you need short term cash? Quick cash is available for immediate financing of whatever it is you might need – bills, repairs, stock, maintenance and investments.

It seems these days that the ads are everywhere you go. Whether they go by the name of payday loan or one of their other guises – priority loan, short-term cash, immediate financing – the prospective offer remains broadly the same, ie, you get given some money at a very high interest rate but for a very short time.

Payday loans overview:

What about the Interest Rate though?

Firstly we must address the question of interest. Most often interested is stated in terms of APR – Annual Percentage Rate which is the percentage of interest paid on the amount borrowed over the course of a year. A payday loan will have a very high APR because it is only meant as a short term loan. The cost for the loaner is the admin of setting you up with the loan etc and that takes up a lot of the proportion of the loan time when compared to the usual multiyear loan, so the fees may be similar in dollar terms, but the APR is necessarily much higher than with a normal loan as there is lesss loan time in which the fees can be spread over. The bottom line is that there will be fees for all loans and if you need a short term loan then you may as well get it from a short term provider as it is more likely to cater to your needs – a long term loan for example may not allow you to repay the loan early or terminate the contract after you no longer need it after a few days. The only way to know for sure of course is to read the small print on the loan contracts themselves but failing that just make sure to go with a reputable company that has good reviews online. There are unfortunately many short term financing companies that have bad reputations – not only do they charge too much but then the customer service they provide is not up to standard. Buyer beware.

How payday loans work

A common approach to this type of funding is that you write a check to the lender for the amount you wish to borrow and post-date the check to a date a week or so in the future. In return, the lender gives you cash on the spot, less the amount of their fee and interest charges.

The idea is that once you have been paid from your employer (that is why it is called a payday loan) then you have money in your bank account again. The lender then cashes the check you wrote them and the debt is repaid. You have successully achieved your goal of short tterm financing for whatever the immediate need was.

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Other finance options.

If you find yourselof doing this regularly then the charge are going to be a lot higher than need be – there are alternatives you may wish to consider such as:

Using a bank overdraft

Getting a bank loan

Speaking with a debt counselling service – it may be possible to write off some debt or get a better repayment plan for your needs.

If you do want a cash advance though, at least use the internet to shop around the offers to find a direct payday loan provider that suits you best rather than a third party that just sells your details to them.


It’s quite possible to obtain a cash advance with no credit check due to the check you hand over counting as the collateral for the loan. However, some companies may have different policies.

How to get the best payday loans online

Online lenders ar epreferred for the main reason that they are fast! From the comfort of your hpoone or home PC you can make applications to many providers with relative ease and much higher speedc than visiting a traditional high street retailer. If you are in need of quick cash, online providers are surely the answer. Furthermore, it is recommeded to take advantage of the ability to compare prices amongst websites to get the best deal possible.

Do I qualify for a short term ‘payday’ loan?

There are usually a few requirements to being accepted for a loan, such as:

Be over 18 (or 21 in some jurisdictions), have a valid bank account, be employed and a resident of the country in which the bank you are applying to resides also. Sometimes your credit history does not matter but being an undischarged bankrupt or similar may pose problems with some lenders.

How long have I got to repay the loan?

The idea with a loan like this is that is very short term and if you end up needing it for a longer period than initially agreed it can end up costing you a small fortune. Get in touch with your loan rpovider if this is the case and try to work out a better arrangement – for exmaple, getting a regular loan to repay the payday loan. The regular loan can then be repaid at slower rate over a longer period with less interest.

Are there any limitations as to what I can spend the money?

The money is of course yours to do with as you please but we can only recommend that it is used for short term, usually unexpexted expenses such as perhaps a car repair bill that once paid would allow you to continue to earn and repay the loan.

How much can be borrowed?

This varies from lender to lender but generally between $100 to $1000, although up to $10000 may happen.

Are payday loans legal?

Legality varies from country to country and state to state . For example, they are illegal in New York State. The reason is that there were many bad actors in the space that would take advantage of hard-up people and trap them in a debt they could never repay. If you are struggling to pay a bill and cannot get a payday loan legally, dont go to an illegal loan shark – instead calll your creditors, exlplain your siutuation and ask for more time to repay and at a lower rate. They would rather get some money than none so you may be pleasently surprised at how amenable they are to your request.

Payday loan lenders regulations to protect consumers:

Asking for a salary advance may be a much better option as the financing cost may be efectively nil. If you feel bad asking for this then maybe sweeten the deal by offering to do some extra overtime or as a condition of another request made to you.

Finally, explore social services from government agencies – usually the benefits available are hard to figure out and apply for meaning you could well be eligible for money, vouchers or discounts that you are unaware of. With other bills reduced, you might not need the loan.

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